Late Night Special 2020 Recap Video


Fred Lee IV teamed up with the dynamic tag team Emily and Deeds of @goandflowphotos in an Interview recap of 2020, a wild year never be forgotten. Just a look at the small steps for an up and coming band from Charlotte, NC, as they keep a steady stride towards their goals and dreams.

A bright outlook on what some would deem a terrible year and one many would like to forget. Late Night Special released an Album in April of 2020 and was disappointed to have to cancel the Album release show in April. However, the year took a bright turn in the end as Fred Lee IV went out for 5 national shows with the Night Lights Events Sky Lantern Festival and made the most of adversity in 2020.

See What Fred has to say about the round of the year, and what to expect moving forward in 2021.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Emily and Deeds of @GoandFlowPhotos for such an artistic feel good recap!

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