A diverse group of talented musicians strung together by passion to create a blend of euphoric energy that tames a groove that keeps you wanting  to party all night.

Soaring vocals carry a thrilling sound painted with the majestic accompaniment of dulling electric guitars that surround a pocket of high energy pocket rhythms. No single genre can contain the caliber of high energy this band admits day in and day out, show after show.

Veterans of the east coast touring scene, they have earned their reputation as the true Late Night Special. Bringing unforgettable memories to a wide variety of venues, genres, and people 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Be prepared to never lose the memory of this nostalgic group of rockstars:

Fred Lee Heintz IV- Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar 

Mikey Marrero- Bass/ Lead Guitar / Vocals

Derek Furr-Lead Guitar

Serge Mnarsakanov- Drums