Why we’re crowd-funding for this second album of awesomeness

Voting with our money is one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals.

We do it everyday when we go out into the world. We use our purchasing power to frequent a particular cafe, a good restaurant we like, and our favorite gas station with all the bells and whistles available at the pump. That encourages good businesses, and signals to them that they’ve got a good thing going.

The same goes for our entertainment. When we’re keen to dig a certain product, show, or movie, we’re moved to pay something to obtain it. We’ll fork over the extra cash to score the tickets to see that band live, or we’ll be sure to support that author by purchasing their book online. That’s how good artists can continue their craft and be supported.

It’s much more than just extra cash thrown a certain way because we like a band or author. It’s the most democratic way to express yourself, showing you value a product enough to give a few of your hard-earned dollars.

At Late Night Special, that’s what we’re hoping to provide for our fans, our consumers, and our supporters. For those who’ve heard us live at the smallest of shows or at the awesome Shakedown this past spring, they know we’re dedicated to our music and our sound. And we want to take it to the next level.

Not only do we want to record a new album, but we want to professionalize our operations, fine-tune our sound, and expand our music to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

The Second Album

Recording our first album Light of the Moon, still available for purchase on Band Camp, was an amazing experience. It taught us exactly who we wanted to be as musicians, the sound we wanted to pursue, and just how much we’re dedicated tot his dream. And now we want to go even further.

We’re partnered with producers from Nashville to give our second album the professional sound and dedication it deserves. That’s why we’ve gone so far out to build our operation.

We’ve got a website up, put our tunes on Soundcloud, got some professional advice, and set out on the music highway to Nashville to crank out a new album our fans, new and old, could enjoy.

It’s time to kick up the music.

There are a dozen new songs we’ve been working on, sketchin’, scratchin’, and pickin’ until the late hours. We’ve put our heart and soul into this new album, and we want to make sure we create the best quality product we possible can.

We’re ready to take Late Night Special to the next step. The question is: will we have the support of our community to do that?

Crowd-funding for the Arts

Seeing as we’ve been playing local shows for a few years now, we’ve been able to grow a pretty significant hometown crowd (a shout-out to our Facebook fans as well).

Dozens of you have supported us by showing up, toughing out the other bands, helping us promote our shows on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and always passing along invites to all your friends to help get some more souls out to hear our music. We appreciate all of this and we love you all for it.

We want to make you all proud. Because, in the end, we’re just small-town boys.

We’re small-town boys with a dream. Kickin’ up that music and feedin’ souls along the way.

And that’s why we ask all of you who’ve enjoyed our sounds or our shows: won’t you help support us with just $10, $20, or whatever else you can spare? Check out our Indiegogo page, our crowd-funding campaign, and everything we promise to those who support our campaign.

If you believe in North Carolina homegrown, indie folk rock with some flair and passion, and dig our tunes and vibes, then help support Late Night Special. If you can, help spread our message on social media by tweeting and posting it on Facebook.

We thank you all for your huge support thus far, and hope we can continue to bring you that sweet sound and that music that you love.


Your Boys at Late Night Special

Fred Heintz

Bradley Cannon

Derek Furr

Rob Shoemaker


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